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Harbinson Mulholland Family Business As A Force for Good

location of Harbinson Mulholland  Family Business  As A Force for GoodW5 Belfast

location of Harbinson Mulholland  Family Business  As A Force for Good20 September 2023 » 20 September 2023

Harbinson Mulholland  Family Business  As A Force for Good

Leading local accountancy practice, Harbinson Mulholland is harnessing the power of responsible and sustainable business practice to encourage local family businesses to be a “Force for Good” at their Annual Conference

Under the auspices of the firm’s N I Family Business Forum, the event, jointly hosted by Ulster University Business School, will go beyond the issue of net zero targets and delve into all aspects of building an enduring enterprise fit for future generations.

A raft of topics including philanthropy and leaving a legacy, sustainability, creating a world class culture, next gen leadership transition and adapting a lean manufacturing mindset for continuous improvement and growth will all be addressed by guest speakers and a panel of experts and business owners.

“Many family businesses recognise the need to focus more on the benefits they can bring to wider society, but finding ways to effectively achieve those goals can seem complex and elusive,” says Darren McDowell, Senior Partner with Harbinson Mulholland.

“This event aims to motivate and galvanise these entrepreneurs through hearing first hand experiences from their peers on the measures they have taken to secure the future of their business while fostering an effective Environmental Social Governance (ESG) culture to deliver positive change for those inside and outside of their companies.

“We’re expecting some thought provoking and engaging presentations from esteemed local and nationally owned family companies including Lynas Food Group, Smiley Monroe, Seating Matters and the Timpson Group, that will demonstrate how embracing and instilling these practices into the very fabric of their own everyday operations will see local family businesses reap the benefits commercially and ethically for generations.”

The keynote speaker will be Darren Burns, Director of Inclusion and Diversity with Timpson Group, the UK’s leading retail service provider employing over 5000 colleagues throughout 1934 owned stores and 115 Snappy Snaps across the UK and Ireland.

Darren will be talking about Timpson’s’ experience of and commitment to hiring staff from marginalised groups including ex-offenders, who represent 10% of its workforce and how their work ethic, resilience and loyalty at being given a second chance, is good for both business and society in as a whole.

The full programme is available for download below and early bird tickets are now on sale here

In the first instance, places are reserved for family businesses only.