We work for our members by lobbying Government on parking fees, out of town centres, business rates and much more.

  • Launched Northern Ireland’s first ever Ten-Year Economy plan.
  • Organised Retail NI info event on Rates Revaluation
  • Retail NI organised the first business engagement event at the restored Assembly with over 50 MLAs attending
  • Successfully lobbied Infrastructure Minister for relaxations on driver hours and delivery times at start of Covid-19
  • Ensured over of 75% Retail NI members qualified for  10k and  25k Covid-19 Small Business Grants
  • Secured one year rates holiday for 70% or Retail NI members with remainder getting 4 months
  • Assisted over 400 Retail NI members during Covid-19 with queries on grants, loans, rate relief and regulations
  • Successfully lobbied for  40 million micro-business hardship fund and help for Retail NI members who rent
  • Launched Independents’ Day 2020 at major photo opportunity with 75 out of 90 MLAs attending
  • Independents’ Day 2020 was publicised on 65 bus T-Squares, 40 adverts in Irish News and on all the City Centre Pulse machines
  • Over 5000 shoppers voted in our People’s Vote for Best Independent Retailers 2020 - a 300% increase in voting on previous year
  • Meetings with First and deputy First Ministers, Taoiseach, Secretary of State, Shadow Chancellor
  • Successfully lobbied NI Executive to establish High Streets Taskforce - a long-term Retail NI goal

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Retail NI (previously NIIRTA) is Northern Ireland’s only locally based retail and wholesale business organisation which provides professional advice and gives a voice to the independent sector at the NI Assembly and Westminster.

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