Irish Black Butter

09 May 2022

Non Dairy "Butter" suitable for vegetarian & vegan

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Harkins Healthcare

14 March 2022

Harkin’s Healthcare is owned by Vincent and Nuala Harkin and proudly celebrated 60 years in business in 2021.

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Pinnacle Response - Bodyworn Cameras

17 June 2024

Body Worn Cameras - Pinnacle has the solution for every sector
Pinnacle Response is a Belfast-based, world-leading manufacturer of quality body-worn video cameras for Police Forces and the professional security sector.

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Kelsius - Wireless temperature Monitoring System - HACCP Compliant

30 May 2024

Globally, more than 25% of food produced is wasted according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). By far the bulk of this comes from households, manufacturing and food processing.

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