Irish Black Butter

May 2022
Irish Black Butter

Non Dairy "Butter" suitable for vegetarian & vegan

Irish Black Butter Ltd  was founded in 2017 by Alastair Bell.

The business centres around production and distribution of Irish Black Butter, a rich conserve of Armagh Bramley Apple, cider, brandy and spices.

This 'butter' is non dairy and wheat free meaning that it is suitable for users including vegetarian and vegan.

Versatility of use lies at the core of this product which offers a wide range of applications for domestic consumers and food ingredients businesses.

Irish Black Butter can be used for cooking, baking, spreading or mixing.

With a unique traditional branding Irish Black Butter also has an appeal for overseas consumers when visiting these shores.

Featured on James Martin's Great British Adventure, BBC Dragons Den, awarded three stars in the Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards and Regional Winner in the Great British Food Awards, this clever product continues to gain brand recognition and adoption. 

Irish Black Butter has been made into ice cream, fudge and also used as a seasonal glaze by ALDI Ireland.

Available locally in independent retail, delis, farmshops, visitor attractions,  Belfast International Airport and Eurospar stores.