Bettys Ice Cream, scooping since July 2021.

January 2022
Bettys Ice Cream, scooping since July 2021.

Betty’s Ice Cream offers an exciting range of artisan ice cream produced on our farm in Pomeroy, Co. Tyrone from whole cow’s milk. This range of ice-cream is brought to you by a young rural entrepreneur, Bethany Boyd.

Betty’s currently provides an expanding range of ice cream flavours which include the family favourites of Vanilla, Honeycomb and Raspberry Ripple. The ice-cream is available in various tub sizes of 5oz, 1 litre, 2 litres and 5 litres. Ice cream cakes are a new product addition to our range and these can be created by selecting your choice of ice cream and flavour of cake. Ice cream cakes are proving popular for birthday parties and are also being seen as another choice for weddings. Ice cream cake is also something that could be sold by the slice in your shop or retail outlet.

Betty’s Ice Cream is currently supplied to consumers from their premises, through their e-commerce website and Tyrone Farmers’ Market. Currently we are looking to expand our sales into shops, restaurants and supermarkets in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. From our website we offer to deliver ice cream to your address throughout Northern Ireland.

In line with our mission statement of, “Bringing Family and Friends Together” we aim to produce ice cream that can be enjoyed by bringing family and friends together whatever the location. Betty’s Ice Cream is developing the provision of ice cream at various events such as weddings, corporate and sporting events.

2022 is going to be an exciting year as we hope to launch our new reduced sugar range. Within this range we are offering fruit flavours that provide sugar through the fruits natural form.

New product development is the principal in making great ice cream, we keep consumers interested through providing seasonal ice cream flavours as part of our range.

Perhaps you are looking for an exclusive ice cream flavour for your retail or hospitality business? Get in touch to discuss with Bethany on 07716207401 or by using our Facebook and Instagram pages, Twitter or via our website,