Blackfire Food

April 2023
Blackfire Food

Blackfire was started in 2014 by artist Tim McCarthy to satiate his appetite for all things spicy. Having spent many years travelling the world, Tim returned home and saw an obvious gap in the local market for commercially available hot sauces.

He began developing a series of unique recipes using his love of Belfast as the starting point for all of his products. These include the Samson Sauce with mango, pineapple and dulse, the Botanic Sauce with green peppers and garlic, the Hot House with pear and ginger and the Belfast Redhead with carrot, ginger, cumin and fennel seeds.

Fast forward to 2023 and there are seven sauces in the range with 3 more in development, from mild (Bonfire Chipotle) to Blackfire’s world famous superhot sauce ‘Pain in the Hole’ and everything in between. The sauces can accompany every food imaginable from cheese and egg dishes to barbecues, burritos, wings and even vanilla ice cream. 

All of the sauces are gluten and allergen free as well as being low in added salt and sugar and all are vegan friendly. Blackfire don’t compromise on ingredients and use Armagh apple cider vinegar made from Bramley apples with PGI status to help keep the products as healthy and natural as possible.

The sauces come in handy 100ml bottles singly or in 3 bottle gift boxes and have scooped silver at Blas na h‘Eireann as well as several Great Taste Awards.

Tim often collaborates with other companies to produce a diverse array of foods with a chilli content including spicy popcorn, chilli Biltong made with Pain in the Hole sauce and chilli cheese. In the last year Blackfire has released several new products including an infused hot Birdseye Chilli Oil with bay leaves, Sichuan and pink peppercorns as well as a house blend dry rub spice mix. At present there are several spicy confectionary lines and premium chilli chocolate bars in development. All of Blackfire’s product range are available throughout  NI in selected retailers as well as ROI and a dozen outlets in France and Germany.


For enquiries contact:
Tel:   07769 885 616
Instagram: @blackfirebelfast