Kelsius - Wireless temperature Monitoring System - HACCP Compliant

May 2024
Kelsius - Wireless temperature Monitoring System - HACCP Compliant

Globally, more than 25% of food produced is wasted according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). By far the bulk of this comes from households, manufacturing and food processing.

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) estimates that over 10 million tonnes of food was wasted in the UK in 2021, with over 210,000 of this coming from the retail sector. This represents 2% of all UK food waste that goes into general waste, landfill or incineration; and with that potential profit for retailers.

At a time when cost-saving is critical for food retailers, food waste is one area that can be controlled. Technology can help, but the technology must deliver return on investment that results in savings and does not increase demands on staff when labour is already in short supply.

Speaking to its customers about using automated technologies in their operations, Kelsius found that food retailers were very conscious about leveraging innovation to reduce food waste, as well as helping them to save cost and time. But the solution must be simple for both management and staff to use.


According to Kelsius CEO Karl Simmons, "Because the Kelsius system is so easy to install and use, we’re experiencing an ever-increasing demand for our advanced temperature monitoring and HACCP solutions. This is a testament to the quality and innovation that Kelsius brings to the food sector.”

And this highlights one of the key challenges to reducing food waste. While no one wants to see food waste increase, the solution must be convenient, easy to install and easy for staff at all levels to adopt.

This has been the key to the success of the Kelsius system, and which has resulted in the company taking its digital HACCP and wireless temperature monitoring systems to the next level. It is expanding its manufacturing facility in Donegal which means it will be able to accommodate increased production requirements and enable state-of-the-art manufacturing.

It’s also developing new product features which will help retailers to reduce the risk of food waste and lost potential revenue. Kelsius recently launched the Kelsius App for temperature alerts. The app delivers push notification alerts in real time to staff who are alerted to take action immediately should there be a power outage, fridge or freezer failure, or doors left open.  

Kelsius continues to help its current customers and its growing global customer base to meet their food waste reduction targets in a way that saves cost and can be seamlessly integrated into their day-to-day operations.

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