Legacy Resources

July 2024
Legacy Resources

Legacy Resources is a locally based security company dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our clients.

Who and what are Legacy Resources

Legacy Resources is a locally based security company dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our clients. We are committed to delivering comprehensive security services tailored to meet various security requirements.

Our highly trained security officers are licensed and vetted to British Standards, ensuring reliability, accountability, and professionalism.

We prioritise their continuous development, supported by our experienced operations team, to guarantee the highest level of service delivery.

Why should you choose Legacy Resources?

Our clients choose Legacy Resources for our extensive skillset and diverse security solutions, including Hospitality Security, Personal Protection, Asset Protection, and even Private Investigation.  This enables us to leverage our vast knowledge and experience to meet your specific security needs.

So how can we help you?


“I know I need security, but where do I start?”

Here’s some of our answers:

Ensuring a safe working environment for staff and customers is crucial, especially with the increasing levels of anti-social behaviour in the hospitality and retail sectors. Alarming survey results from Retail NI reveal that 51% of respondents have left a job due to assault and verbal abuse, while 67% have faced violence and threats.

How can you protect your staff from these challenges? Here are some effective measures we can advise on:

  1. Risk Assessment Criminal incidents are often opportunistic. By conducting a thorough risk assessment, we identify vulnerabilities, such as unsecured valuable items, and develop a checklist of potential risks along with necessary security measures.

  2. Protect Your Business Premises Strengthen doors and windows with grilles and shutters if needed. Lock away valuables, ensure all entrances and exits are secure after hours, and maintain good lighting around the building.

  3. Use Business Protection Officers On-site security reduces stress and anxiety among your team, enhancing their well-being and positively impacting customer experience. Legacy Resources offer the Legacy Link service, providing Business Protection Officers who regularly visit your premises, assist with serious incidents with emergency response. Digital incident reports are complied, allowing Legacy Link to create analytics to identify the different days, times and types of incidents, we use this information to bespoke a security package that suits you and your budget!

  4. Keyholding & Out Of Hours Support We offer comprehensive keyholding services for your commercial business or residential home through our 24-hour manned control centre. Emergencies and incidents often last over two hours. By entrusting us with your keyholding needs, you not only ensure your premises are secure, but also relieve your staff from the burden of unsociable hours call-outs.

Let our Legacy Resources team come to you to conduct a free consultation.

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Legacy Resources – Your Security is Our Priority