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December 2021
Mash Direct

Mash Direct

Mash Direct started as the innovation of Martin Hamilton and his wife Tracy. Along with their sons Lance and Jack, they have successfully developed Mash Direct into the leading household brand in vegetable accompaniments. Although Mash Direct was founded in 2004, the Family have been farming the fields around Strangford Lough for six generations, and we pride ourselves on bringing you the freshest vegetable side dishes from our fields to your chillers and tables.

We have been members of Retail NI since 2010, as Independent Retailers have always been an important part of what we do. From initially supplying our dishes to local butchers and independent retailers, Mash Direct has evolved to now distribute our range of over 50 award winning side dishes to major retailers, foodservice and deli counters across the UK and Ireland, as well as exporting further afield, but we continue to place importance on supporting our local independent and convenience stores.

At Mash Direct we have expanded our skills beyond mashing to now include slicing, dicing, chopping, shredding and frying – to bring you a range of over 50 vegetable side dishes, including traditional Champ, new and exciting Curry Chips and seasonal lines such as Brussels Sprouts with Bacon or Stuffing Bites.

We grow, harvest, steam cook and pack our range of healthy, convenient vegetable accompaniments fresh on our Farm, meaning no chopping, peeling, mashing or washing up for your or your customers. We carefully select heritage varieties of vegetables, which are grown for flavour rather than appearance, for the taste and texture of homemade food. Our full range is Gluten Free, and free from artificial colourings and flavourings.

Innovation is in our nature, from the fields to our kitchen. New Product Development is central to this, with our dedicated team creating new award-winning products every year to keep Mash Direct at the front and centre of the Vegetable Accompaniment Sector. The soil, air and water is what gives our vegetables their fantastic flavours, and this year we have launched our first Sustainability Report, outlining our targets and benchmarks to become more sustainable in our practises. You can read more on our Sustainability Report on our website:  

In the fast-paced world in which we live, there is less time available to prepare healthy and nutritious meals from scratch. By creating healthy ‘convenience’ food, we are enabling consumers to provide quick and nutritious meals for themselves and their families, providing good food fast!

You can see more about our full range of dishes available at If you are interested in stocking our range, or expanding the offering for your consumers, please feel free to contact Lance Hamilton on 028 9187 8316 or email