NIE Networks

August 2022
NIE Networks

NIE Networks is the owner of the electricity transmission and distribution networks in Northern Ireland, transporting electricity to over 900,000 customers including homes, businesses and farms.

Their role is to maintain and extend the electricity infrastructure across Northern Ireland, connect customers to the network and ensure that their equipment is safe and reliable. They also provide electricity meters and metering data to suppliers and market operators.

NIE Networks invest over £100 million annually in maintaining and upgrading the electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure in Northern Ireland to ensure it remains in a safe and reliable condition.

Through employment, taxes and supplier contributions, the company contributes over £150 million annually to the local economy in Northern Ireland. They provide direct employment to 1,200 highly skilled individuals and sustain many hundreds of jobs through their contract and supply chain.

Each year NIE Networks connects 9,000 customers to the electricity network powering homes, businesses, farms and connecting renewable and low carbon technologies.

Customer Focused

Through their dedicated customer relations and customer service teams, they are continually striving to deliver the highest standard of service to customers across every sector in Northern Ireland.

NIE Networks operates a 24/7 Customer Helpline service all year round, employing a core team of customer service agents and processing in excess of 20,000 calls per month.

The company has also developed a dedicated strategy to help those customers who may need additional support. In the event of a power cut or planned interruption to supply, they offer a telephone information support service to customers who are dependent on life supporting medical equipment. Over 12,000 people are currently registered on the NIE Networks Medical Customer Care Register.

Every customer is important to NIE Networks and they are an accredited JAM Card friendly organisation with over 90% of staff trained to provide the highest standard of service to those customers with a learning difficulty, autism or communication barrier.

Future of Energy

NIE Networks is committed to delivering a low carbon and sustainable energy system for all. They have led the way in connecting renewable generation to the network with over 20,000 customers in Northern Ireland now generating energy from renewable sources.

Electricity has a pivotal role to play in the decarbonisation of heat and transport as we move towards a net zero carbon economy by 2050. This will place significant pressure on an electricity network infrastructure that was originally designed to manage a different level and type of demand. Managing these new challenges will require significant network investment.

The key focus for NIE Networks remains firmly on the customer and how a zero-carbon future will be delivered in Northern Ireland. In response the company will be launching their business plan for the next 5 years in late 2022.


Get In Touch

Customers can find out more about the work of NIE Networks, the future of energy and how to report a power cut online at or by calling the NIE Networks Customer Helpline on 03457 643 643.