Out Walker Whiskey - Retailers Meet the Restless Spirit

May 2024
Out Walker Whiskey - Retailers Meet the Restless Spirit

With several new distilleries recently opening and new brands regularly hitting the market, Irish whiskey is undergoing a particularly dynamic phase.

For retailers, this presents more choice – but also more challenges. Which brand can deliver quality that will create repeat business, along with sales volume and good margins?

Outwalker Irish Whiskey delivers on all fronts

Unique blend – unique selling point

The brand stands out for a number of reasons. Firstly is Outwalker’s unique blend of single malt and fine grain whiskeys aged in no fewer than four different ways: in ex-white burgundy casks, in ex-oloroso sherry casks, in virgin American oak and grain rye casks.

No other Irish whiskey on the market features this approach. It’s a unique selling point, and one that’s designed to appeal to discerning consumers in the premium whiskey category.


Retail positioning

Outwalker’s exceptional quality and highly competitive pricing – at around £45 RRP – make it a compelling choice for your shelves. And the advantages don’t stop there. In Northern Ireland there is an impressive distribution network that includes Musgrave, Drinks Inc. and Salty Buoy Beer Company.

In addition to the brand’s distribution network throughout Ireland and the UK, it is being successfully rolled out through strategic partnerships in Sweden, Denmark and Germany, with more European markets in the pipeline – plus distribution in the US expected later this year.

 Expertise in depth

 The Outwalker blend was created by Jillian Vose, Irish whiskey authority and one of the world’s foremost cocktail makers. The rest of the team features hospitality expert and co-founder of New York’s legendary Dead Rabbit Sean Muldoon, hotelier and whiskey connoisseur Adrian McLaughlin and business development consultant, ex-Irish rugby international Darrren Cave.


Created with cocktail culture in mind

In a further underlining of Outwalker’s distinctiveness, the whiskey has a strong appeal to two key and growing sub-categories, women and millennial consumers – who are increasingly discovering whiskey and also enjoying creating sophisticated cocktails, especially at home.

 Outwalker is therefore complex and sophisticated enough for the serious whiskey connoisseur, as well as the dedicated cocktail enthusiast.

 This further adds to the whiskey’s appeal from a retail point of view.


In summary then, Outwalker – dubbed ‘the restless spirit’ – represents something genuinely different in the category. It’s more than just another Irish whiskey. It’s a genuine game-changer – for customers and for retailers too.


For further information, including sales and marketing queries, email Gary Flynn at gary@outwalkerwhiskey.com