Shopbox AI

January 2023
Shopbox AI

Shopbox AI is an award-winning retail technology company, who believe that the customer should be at the heart of everything online retailers do.

That is why they created their ai-powered product personalisation platform rooted in consumer behaviour and shopping psychology. They believe that adapting the online store and experience based on the interests and behaviours of site visitors, not precoded offerings, increases customer satisfaction, conversion rates, retention and revenue.

But what does this mean for your online store?

The tool is light touch, sitting on top of industry standard ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and Big Commerce as well as fully bespoke platforms. Shopbox ingests your product feed and curates relevant product recommendations in real-time based on the products your shoppers are actively looking at, not generic “Shop the look” or “We think you’ll like” suggestions. This relevance shows understanding of your shoppers’ interests and enhances brand trust.

Think of it as taking a skilled in-store shop assistant and adding that level of service, online.

They do this in a number of ways; via dynamic carousels, their AI Shop Assistant and Curated Homepage grid. And the results speak for themselves. Typically retailers see visitors spending five times longer on their site, a 300% increase in conversion and up to a 40% increase in AOV.

They are also unlike traditional product personalisation tools:

  • Shopbox is designed to be implemented rapidly with little to no effort from the retailer

  • Shopbox is a set-and-forget tool - our AI ingests your product feed and does the rest so retailers reduce merchandiser time and tool management costs

  • Shopbox is low risk - payment only starts after go live

  • Shopbox delivers sales uplift immediately, not relying on building up months of historical data on your shoppers’ behaviour 

Founded in Ireland in 2020 they have grown internationally and count brands such as schuh, Tony Kealy’s, Eason, McElhinney’s Department Stores, TileStyle, Foxford, Uniphar Group and Euronics amongst our expanding family of clients benefiting from the Shopbox platform.

If you would like to offer your shoppers an improved experience and benefit from increased sales, please reach out to Eoghan Baker ( or to book a demo at a time that suits you, go to