Economy Minister urges retail businesses to get involved in the High Street Scheme

29 September 2021

Minister urges retail businesses get involved in the High Street Scheme

Economy Minister Gordon Lyons

Economy Minister Gordon Lyons has urged retail businesses get involved in the High Street Scheme

Economy Minister Gordon Lyons today encouraged retailers across Northern Ireland to show their support for the High Street Support Scheme which is open for applications until October 25th.

The Department has published a digital suite of promotional materials for all those eligible retail, hospitality and service businesses, which are now available from nibusinessinfo. These tools can be used for retailers to show their support for the scheme and to encourage shoppers to give local businesses and their community a lift.In addition, an advertising campaign has been launched to encourage shoppers to use their card to support their local businesses.

The Minister said: “The High Street Scheme is designed to boost businesses across the retail, hospitality and services sectors following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is unprecedented in Northern Ireland, and I would urge all businesses to show their support to help maximise the benefits of the Spend Local cards. The first step should be to share the digital promotional materials on your social media platforms.

“I would also urge shoppers to use their Spend Local cards wisely to support the local economy and local communities. A little spend can have a big effect.”

Retail NI Chief Executive, Glyn Roberts said the scheme comes on the back of a very challenging period for retailers right across Northern Ireland.

He said: “The High Street Support Scheme is a welcome step in the long road to recovery for Northern Ireland’s retailers and I would encourage everyone in our industry to think hard about how they can encourage people to use their £100 Spend Local card with their business. It should be remembered that 70p in every pound spent in an independent retailer is recycled around the local economy. If consumers make a special effort to spend their £100 with local traders, then they will also be ensuring the money also goes towards invigorating the wider community.”

Meanwhile, both the business community and the public are warned to be on their guard against scammers attempting to take advantage of the scheme. The Department will not be asking for personal bank details at any point during the scheme.