Retail NI Launch Policy Priorities For Local Councils

16 May 2023

Retail NI Launch Policy Priorities For Local Councils

Helen Wall, Vice President Retail NI

With two days left until the Local Government elections, Retail NI has published a Programme for Local Government for the newly elected 462 Councillors. Retail NI is urging the public to vote for candidates who have the right policy priorities to regenerate our local high streets.

The document, Revive NI sets out key policy priorities to create green 21st century high streets, empower local councils and fix our broken and antiquated business rating system. 

For an incoming Executive, Revive NI also sets out new proposals for business rates relief to promote scale-up, investment in green technology and Foreign Direct Investment in disadvantaged areas.

Launching the document Retail NI Vice-President Helen Wall said:

“Retail NI want to see refocused, reinvigorated and resourced Local Councils that will be the changemakers helping to create 21st century high streets and be key partners in making Northern Ireland the very best place in these islands to locate, start and scale up a business”.

“Alongside a dynamic retail and hospitality offering we also need to ensure our villages, towns and cities become multi-functional hubs with libraries, community services, police stations, healthcare, leisure, education, open spaces, housing, and sports facilities.

“The theme of this Revive NI is regeneration and how to create 21st century town and city centres. With these Local Government Elections, we believe it is time to update our policy priorities and introduce some new ideas for our eleven councils, their 462 Councillors, our 90 MLA’s and 18 MPs”.

Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said:

“This election shouldn’t be about the Windsor Framework. Voters need to consider which candidates and parties have the right policy priorities to deliver economic regeneration and revived high streets ’.

“For an incoming NI Executive, we set our new proposals for additional rates relief to incentivise businesses to scale-up and create new jobs or invest in energy efficient technology. In addition, we are outlining proposals for an FDI Rate Relief scheme to encourage new companies to locate in disadvantaged areas to boost their local economies”

Click Here to download Revive NI