Be patient with High Street Voucher

27 September 2021

Retail NI Says be patient


 Be Patient With High Street Voucher Application-Retail NI

With the application process opening today for the High Street Voucher scheme, Retail NI has urged shoppers to consider making their application later in the week to avoid a rush on the first day and to reduce pressure on the online portal.

Retail NI Chief Executive, Glyn Roberts said:

“If people can wait a few days before making their application, hopefully we can avoid any delays or problems with a rush on the online portal and they will receive their voucher on a timely basis”

“With a scheme of this ambition and size we are bound to experience some problems and would urge shoppers to be patient"

“As the scheme opens and consumers are thinking about how to spend their voucher, we would strongly encourage them to use with local independent retailers. 70p in every £1 pound spent with an independent retailer is recycled around the economy, supporting local producers and manufacturers”