Bobbys - Grand Opening of NI Depot & Win 100 worth of Stock

July 2023
Bobbys - Grand Opening of NI Depot & Win 100 worth of Stock

Bobby’s is thrilled to announce the opening of its first permanent base in Northern Ireland, bringing increased convenience to independent retailers across the region

The strategically located depot offers several tangible benefits to local retailers, including improved product availability and a wider range. By streamlining operations and optimising logistical efficiency, the regional sales team can now focus more extensively on the company's commitment to personalised support, exceptional service, and building strong relationships with retailers.


To celebrate this milestone, Bobby’s is launching an exclusive competition for independent retailers in Northern Ireland. 

Any retailers who fill in this survey before 31st August will have a chance to win over £100 worth of stock.

Reflecting on this momentous occasion, John Lucas, National Sales Manager, emphasises the collective achievements made possible through collaborative partnerships. He expresses sincere gratitude to The Maxwell Brothers in Crumlin for their invaluable guidance and support, and the collaborative efforts of Bobby's Sales Team in Northern Ireland, having played a pivotal role in establishing their exclusive products to 500 retailers in the convenience trade.


Bobby’s is committed to delivering convenience, exceptional service, and a diverse range of products, empowering retailers to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

For more information, or to stock Bobby's, please email  or call them on 01527 872643.