Hinch - The Legacy Cask Program

December 2023
Hinch - The Legacy Cask Program

In the tapestry of Hinch Distillery, Dr Terry Cross OBE stands as the visionary captain, steering against the tide to craft an enduring legacy.

From his teenage adventures at sea to building empires amidst the chaos of 1980s Belfast, Terry's journey has defied the ordinary. Now, with "The Legacy" program, Hinch invites you to be a part of this extraordinary tale.

For £4950, whiskey aficionados can own a cask, letting it mature within the sophisticated surroundings of Hinch Distillery. As time weaves its magic, the spirit and the cask collaborate to create your Hinch Future Perfect.

Hinch Distillery is at the forefront of the Irish whiskey renaissance, and The Legacy Cask Program is a chance for you to be part of the unfolding narrative. It's not just an investment; it's an opportunity to play a role in the creation of something extraordinary.

The demand for Irish whiskey has grown by a staggering 21.5% in recent years and as one of the few distilleries in Northern Ireland, Hinch Irish whiskey is an investment in sophistication, uniqueness, and rarity amid a perfect storm of growth, and potential.

At the core of Hinch whiskey lies the pulse of its custom-crafted copper stills, setting the stage for excellence. With grand ambitions propelling it to the forefront, Hinch has earned its place among the best, and this journey of evolution persists.

With demand currently exceeding supply, the time to invest in Irish Whiskey is now and owning your own Hinch cask is a simple way to share in the excitement surrounding the Irish Whiskey industry and play a part in shaping the narrative.

How does it all work? The Legacy Cask Program releases a limited number of unique single malt Casks each year.  After a minimum of five years, these numbered and dated casks become available for you to continue maturation, sell or bottle.  It's a legacy worth treasuring, a chance to hold in your hands a piece of the Hinch story.


As Hinch Distillery advances, The Legacy Cask Program offers your exclusive entry into its future. Seize this distinctive opportunity to invest in the essence of tomorrow.


For more information contact: Casks@hinchdistillery.com