Next-Gen Power

June 2023
Next-Gen Power

Next-Gen Power have been providing green energy solutions powered by the sun, to both domestic and commercial sectors for over 10 years. 

Operating across the UK and Ireland, Next-Gen have provided solar PV and battery energy storage systems across all areas from manufacturing to hospitality and hotels, sport complexes, golf courses, football grounds and multiple shopping and retail premises.

Utilising the latest and most efficient solar PV panels available plus environmentally supportive cobalt free battery storage systems, Next-Gen have enabled more than 4,500 customers to significantly reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint.  Demonstrating our commitment to our customers, Next Gen provide a 25 year warranty on solar PV panels and 10 year warranty on batteries.

The introduction of the new NISEP (Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme) grant is an exciting opportunity for businesses to potentially access support up to 30%* (£30,000 cap) to enable their energy efficiency projects.   Using our significant experience, Next-Gen will guide you through the entire process from application, through design and installation, ensuring a smooth customer journey.


As an example of the benefits of a Next-Gen green energy solution, in only 3 months, one of our newest retail customers has already generated energy savings of over £4,500 and 18 tonnes of CO2 emissions.  Next-Gen also provide our customers the ability to track energy savings and performance live 24/7, 365 days a year, from their computers or phones utilising our specially designed monitoring software.

The average return of investment for a commercial system currently sits at approx. 3 years and with the inclusion of the NISEP grant, the return of investment time could be even less.  With energy prices at an all-time high, now is the perfect time to make the transition to solar energy and a Next-Gen green energy solution.     


­To find out how your business can access energy savings contact or 028 9145 5666

*(£30,000 cap on a £150,000 project)