The Belfast Coffee Co.

April 2024
The Belfast Coffee Co.

The Belfast Coffee Co. has made a massive contribution to retail sales over the past five years from very humble beginnings.

The Belfast Coffee Co coffee brand is a luxury aspirational range of coffee products using premium Arabica coffee beans sourced from Colombia , Panama , Brazil and India.

Our iconic branding stands out on the shelf.

The consumer purchase decision with The Belfast Coffee Co. has an emotive influence as well as fulfilling the consumer need.


We were fortunate enough to sell just under one hundred thousand tins of instant coffee and seventy  three thousand retail bags of coffee last year.

Our Belfast Coffee Co. products are produced in Northern Ireland.

We produce and supply a range of coffee offerings to the food service industry and in room service for hotels.


Please contact Jonny or Albie on +44 02895609411 or send us an email and we will personally come down to see you and advise what products best suit you and your consumer need / profile.