Reval 2026

27 March 2024

Reval 2026

Land & Property Services will soon begin to issue letters or emails to businesses, inviting them to complete a Rent & Lease Questionnaires (RALQs) as part of the Reval2026.

The letters should start to arrive with you around the 8 April 2024.

All RALQs can be completed online.

Key dates

  • The valuation date for Reval2026 is 1 April 2024.

  • LPS asks that all RALQ information is submitted by 30 June 2024.

  • The information collected will be used to develop a New Valuation List.

  • The New Valuation List will take effect for billing purposes on 1 April 2026.

LPS has created a Reval2026 website with some information about the process and answers to frequently asked questions. The website can be found here:

The website also contains a link to contact the Reval2026 team. This is a simple online form which will allow LPS to triage the query and pass it through to the valuer dealing with that area/type of property. This is the most efficient manner to contact Reval staff.